The Path project

Yuka Negoro and Angelina Korencka performed two different butoh improvisation versions with the costume using sounds created by Nick Parkin. Angelina Kornecka performed the O Cycle for the opening of the “Forces of Nature” exhibition in the Menier Gallery. Yuka Negoro created “The Path” for the Impfest festival in Novermber 2015. Although the costume was created for a duet, it was never performed as such. It was performed in parts in two locations with different sound, set and light design.

The original idea was to create movement which repeats in cycles and can be seen from any point in time and be the beginning and the end at the same time. The cycle, for me, was the never ending process of birth, creation, death and rebirth. Transformation of learned experiences into the next stage either by change or reliving it again.