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phone: 07874099947

My work is multi-disciplinary - it crosses art(painting/installation), costume design and live performance. 

I was born in Kazakhstan when it was still the part of the Soviet Union. My work is a kind of autobiographical fiction which explores themes of mind, body and spirit and their transformation in space and time.

My work is about Everything and Nothing. It is about Love, Pain, Sorrow and Depression, Happiness and Rebirth, Reincarnation and the everlasting cycle of Life.

I create and design through conceptual storytelling using playful experiment in anything I do. My final work, during MA degree in the University of the Arts London, was choreographed by Marie-Gabrielle Rotie. Since then, I found a strong connection with the Butoh and I often collaborate with dancers and choreographers, who work using diverse techniques of this dance.

When I collaborate as a costume designer, I try to create or tell a story through the medium of shape (costume) which could direct a dancer and often define a content to a certain view only possible through that particular shape of a costume. Working with costume as scenography allows me a different kind of dynamic within a group of collaborators and theatre practitioners.

In 2010 I have graduated with MA in costume design for performance from London College of Fashion. Before I completed my studies in costume design I was practicing law in Kazakhstan and abroad.