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phone: 07874099947

My work is multi-disciplinary - it crosses art(painting/installation), costume design and live performance. 

I was born in Kazakhstan when it was still the part of the Soviet Union. My work is a kind of autobiographical fiction which explores themes of mind, body and spirit and their transformation in space and time. I paint my astro-travelling dreams as well as events that changed me and made me be what I am now.  My work is about Everything and Nothing. It is about Love, Pain, Sorrow and Depression, Happiness and Rebirth, Reincarnation and the everlasting cycle of Life.

I create and design through conceptual storytelling using playful experiment in anything I do. My final work, during MA degree in the University of the Arts London, was choreographed by Marie-Gabrielle Rotie. Since then, I found a strong connection with the Butoh and I often collaborate with dancers and choreographers, who work using diverse techniques of this dance.

When I collaborate as a costume designer, I try to create or tell a story through the medium of shape (costume) which could direct a dancer and often define a content to a certain view only possible through that particular shape of a costume. Working with costume as scenography allows me a different kind of dynamic within a group of collaborators and theatre practitioners.

In 2010 I have graduated with MA in costume design for performance from London College of Fashion. Before I completed my studies in costume design I was practicing law in Kazakhstan and abroad.